Alex Lumain (A&S '15)

What impact did the “Promotions” class have on you?

Promotions unlocked the very difficult door of breaking into the advertising industry. Without it, I wouldn’t have had any sense of preparation for what I was trying to get into, and as I was in the process of finding my way into my first agency, the exposure and very slight taste we got in this class gave me an edge, even over other non-“Promo” UVA students trying for the same positions.

What is the most valuable thing you learned in this class?

Campaigns are built on insights. A cool execution won’t sell your idea if the insight behind it isn’t strong.

Why should a UVA student take the “Promotions” class?

Promotions is like a reward for all of your hard work at UVA. If you’re lucky enough to get the privilege to take it, it is a whirlwind of a class that is less about doing work and more about making connections in ways other classes could never give you on grounds.

What is your favorite “Promotions” memory?

My favorite memory was the end of the fall semester book presentations. We all felt so confident in our campaign ideas that it was actually very endearing looking back on it years later and realizing how little we actually knew. So cute!

What is the best part about being in the “Promotions” class?

I’m still friends with over a third of the people I took classes with. Although there’s only a few of us actually in the ad world, we’re all close because of the bonding that happened in that year we spent in this class.

  • Undergraduate Degree Sociology & Studio Art (Printmaking)
  • Current Job, Associate Creative Director - Design (Los Angeles)