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A Fall Semester to Remember by Fennie Lin (M.S. in Accounting ’21)

Check out what M.S. in Accounting students remember most about their first semester at McIntire.

As we begin a new semester, it has been fun to reflect on all of the great opportunities that students in the M.S. in Accounting Program were able to have during the fall, considering all of the challenges of COVID-19. The fall semester flew by, but we made a lot of exciting memories that will stay with us for years to come. Below, hear and see current MSA students recount their favorite memories and things they learned during their first semester at McIntire.

Brady Hamel and Friends

Brady Hamel (left) and classmates

“This semester I learned a great deal about how to work effectively and efficiently with others since group work is so important. One of my favorite parts about McIntire is the emphasis that is put on group work. I really enjoyed getting to build relationships with the other members of my group throughout the semester and grow as a team.” – Brady Hamel


Abby Duggan

Abby Duggan

“My experience at McIntire so far has exceeded my expectations. I have been provided an opportunity to meet, learn from, and collaborate with so many extraordinary professors and classmates. The diversity of thought and perspective from those from various backgrounds in our program has created an experience that I am not sure I would find anywhere else. Every day provides me a new challenge and a chance to learn from a group committed to excellence and teamwork.” – Abby Duggan



Sunset on Grounds

“The biggest thing I learned this semester is the importance of truly taking care of yourself, both emotionally and physically. Since life and schoolwork can easily mingle together during this time, it is important to take a break for yourself. Also, if something is hard to conquer or isn’t starting out well, it’s okay to find another way to approach something, as long as you know what your ultimate goal is.” – Fennie Lin


Grounds“I learned how to manage my time and handle multiple tasks. During the semester, we had different group work and I was looking for a full-time job. I started to make plans to arrange my schedules rationally and wrote to-do lists to make sure I finished everything.” – Qiqi Tang

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